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Call us at 843.410.9754 or email:


We primarily serve the multi-family (new construction, renovation and custom architectural designers) and manufactured home markets. Six3 Tile™ is currently available for purchase through our nationwide distributor network. For special or unique projects, we can work directly with companies.

To find the distributor in your area, please contact us directly and we'll work with you to find the best way to get Six3 Tile to you.


For any technical support questions related to Six3 Tile applications, installation procedures, useful tools or tile care and maintenance, please contact


Six3 Tile’s mission is to provide a disruptive alternative to traditional ceramic tile design and installation in specific construction, remodel and rehab markets.  Six3 Tile’s vision is to be the leading producer of patent-pending, sheet-good, engineered tile products that are smarter, faster, better and more affordable for commercial and residential property owners, builders, managers and users. 



Like many American success stories, we started in a garage with an idea that addressed a need we saw in the industry that no one else was providing. In a very short period of time, we developed a commercially viable product that is quickly becoming a force in the industry. We are constantly refining and expanding our product range and manufacturing processes to meet the rapidly growing demand we are experiencing. Innovation is not by accident - we identify and target applications before they become industry needs. We leverage technology to expand our product offerings, maximize our manufacturing efficiencies and execute our marketing strategies. We strive to increase our value – as a product and as a company – by never being satisfied. And most importantly, we listen to our customers. They are our best gauge to tell us what they need and we can best serve them. We are the first to market. We may not be the last. But we are and will be the best.


To us, it means doing the right thing when no one’s looking. We respect our customers, our suppliers and each other. We are honest in every aspect of our business. We are confident but humble, competitive but supportive – hubris has no place here. We will fix what needs to be fixed, even if that comes with a cost to us. We strive to maintain a culture in which respect, honesty, pride and humility are the norms.


We view everyone connected to our process as a partner in our success – from our suppliers to our shippers, from our senior management to our interns, from our supporters to our critics. A company cannot change, grow and succeed without critical examination and honest self-evaluation. And that cannot happen without feedback. We strive to foster an environment in which all our relationships, internal and external, are free and confident to offer suggestions and criticism, to seek clarification without judgment and to simply have fun at what we do. Equally important is our strong commitment to a meaningful work/life balance. We’re an eclectic group with diverse backgrounds, personalities and interests – and we take great pride in our work and play. We do all of this to help all of our partners succeed. 

We recognize a company can still be successful while compromising any of these values, but that’s not how we want to work, to treat each other or to be perceived. That’s just not us.