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New Construction


Six3 Tile a unique product enhancement to the multi-family new construction environment. Our single-engineered ceramic tile substitute installs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional ceramic tile, reducing the overall construction time for each unit and maximizing labor resources. Six3 Tile easily integrates into the construction processes where design is both consistent and repetitive.  Orders can be custom sized, packaged, and delivered for direct installation, thereby making Six3 Tile the ideal alternative to traditional ceramic tile installation. And Six3 Tile’s lower installed cost is a perfect fit across all models, contributing to the brand value of quality built complexes.

Six3 Tile enhances the multi-family, new construction process because:

  • Six3 Tile is a partner in the design/spec process - unique luxury environments.
  • Installation is fast - up to 80% faster than traditional tile installations = cost savings.
  • Installation process fits perfectly into the existing construction process.
  • Highly customizable, allowing for templated patterns, colors and designs at no additional cost.
  • Kitchen backsplashes, showers and tub surround kits.
  • Computer-controlled manufacturing process = exact same product, even years later.
  • No concern about future tile pattern or color availability.
  • Increase the brand value of your properies with very little modifcation to your construction process.