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Custom Options


Six3 Tile can be custom designed to produce virtually any tile pattern, size and color – perfect for special applications like restaurants, upscale residential environments, stove backs and any application where a unique and intricate pattern would be challenging to produce in traditional ceramic tile.

Six3 Tile is particularly well-suited for the architectural design process. Practically any vision can be realized in our tile. 

From uniquely sized subway tile patterns, to complex designs such as herringbone, to one-off custom logos, Six3 Tile makes it a breeze to install what is normally an extremely time consuming process requiring expert-level skills. Six3 Tile allows a tremendous variety of designs and patterns at no additional effort, installation time or cost. And because of our manufacturing process, your custom patterns and colors can be reproduced perfectly every time - ANY time.

Six3 Tile is a more versatile install because:

  • Tile pattern options and design are virtually limitless.
  • Custom logos, unique environments and specialty applications are easy to produce.
  • We can reproduce any color to match cabinets, wall colors and corporate brands.
  • Your custom tile designs can be perfectly reproduced any time, even months or years later, ensuring a consistent look.
  • We can work with you develop templated sheets for even faster installations.
  • No additional cost for custom designs and colors.
  • Allows tremendous creative flexibility in applications - you envision it; we'll produce it.