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How long does it really take to install Six3 Tile vs ceramic tile?

Let's first take a look at a traditional ceramic tile backsplash installation. Depending on the size of the area to be covered, you may need hundreds of individual tiles or dozens of webbed tile sheets. You need to make sure the backing surface is nearly perfect in being clean (nothing can be left that will compromise the adhesive properties of the mortar), solid (no loose chunks of wall board or holes) and smooth (ridges or imperfections may make individual tiles protrude). Then you need to mix the mortar.

How do I prepare the surface for a Six3 Tile installation?

For a standard wall surfaces, like a backsplash or accent wall (bar back, wainscoting, etc.), no complex prep is necessary. Make sure the surface is clean, solid and relatively smooth. But it does not have to be perfect - unlike traditional tile, small holes or small loose gypsum will be covered up by the tile sheet. The surface needs to be solid enough to accept and hold staples or adhesive.

Can I use any type of saw to cut Six3 Tile?

We've tested numerous types of saws to determine the best performance and efficiency while reducing the chance of chipping or splitting. While you can any kind of saw to cut Six3 Tile, we strongly recommend against using any type of reciprocating power tool, such jigsaws or sawzalls. Tools with a reciprocating action - including hand saws - will likely chip the tile's surface along the cut edge. 


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