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What tools do I need to attach Six3 Tile - is it like applying ceramic tiles?

No! Attaching Six3 Tile sheets is more like attaching plywood to a wall. No mortar or trowels are needed. We recommend using an 18-gauge narrow crown stapler (battery operated or pneumatic) to attach tile sheets to a wall. 

Use 1" (25mm) stainless steel narrow crown staples. We recommend you test and adjust the force of the stapler on an inconspicious area first to make sure the driven staples do not extend above the tile surface (firing power set too low) or shoot completely through the tile backing board (firing power set too high). The staples should be firm and rest below the tile surface. Even if you choose to use construction adhesive, using a few staples to hold the sheet in place while the adhesive is curing may be helpful.

We do not recommend manual staple guns, sheet rock screws or hammering nails/brads to secure the tile sheet as they may harm the tile surface. Go to our Resources page to view helpful videos and download installation manuals.

*We do not recommend or endorse specific manufacturer's tools. Use what is most convenient for you.