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How do I prepare the surface for a Six3 Tile installation?

For a standard wall surfaces, like a backsplash or accent wall (bar back, wainscoting, etc.), no complex prep is necessary. Make sure the surface is clean, solid and relatively smooth. But it does not have to be perfect - unlike traditional tile, small holes or small loose gypsum will be covered up by the tile sheet. The surface needs to be solid enough to accept and hold staples or adhesive.

For tub enclosures, full shower stalls or backsplashes that may be subject to heavy water spray, the wall surface needs to be water tight - just like traditional tile's requirements. Six3 Tile is water resistant, but just like ceramic tile, the joints between full tile sheets are subject to water seepage, so the backing must be water-tight. 

Six3 Tile can be installed over just about any wall surface, including gypsum (sheet rock), concrete wall board (Wonderboard), plywood and even previously installed ceramic tile (wth adhesive). Six3 Tile should not be installed onto bare studs. While Six3 Tile installation does not necessarily require construction adhesive, in some cases it might make sense - like if there is movement of the tile sheets at the joints due to poor backing wall condition. 

See our installation videos on our Resources page.