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Can I use any type of saw to cut Six3 Tile?

We've tested numerous types of saws to determine the best performance and efficiency while reducing the chance of chipping or splitting. While you can any kind of saw to cut Six3 Tile, we strongly recommend against using any type of reciprocating power tool, such jigsaws or sawzalls. Tools with a reciprocating action - including hand saws - will likely chip the tile's surface along the cut edge. 

We recommend using a compact circular saw with blade size of 4.5" or smaller - corded or cordless work equally well. A vacuum attachment is highly desirable to help control dust from cutting, especially when cutting indoors. We have found that standard circular saws (6" blades and above) are too large and will likely damage the tile surface and excessively chip the cut edge. 

We also recommend using an oscillating saw for small cuts like unusual corners and cut-outs for electric/data outlets and light switches. Corded or cordless work equally well and is a personal preference.

Any type of cut-off saw (corded, cordless or pneumatic) do not seem to work well on edges. And you do not need to use special tile-cutting saws like wet saws or diamond blades.

We also recommend employing the standard practice of covering the cut line with painter's tape before cutting to help prevent chipping of the finished tile surface. Take a look at our installation videos and download our installation guides from our Resources page for additional tips.

*We do not recommend or endorse specific manufacturer's tools. Use what is most convenient for you.